Marc Maron and Tim Heidecker Star in Nick Lowe’s New Music Video

For those Marc Maron/WTF fans, you may have heard legendary singer/songwriter Nick Lowe on the podcast a few weeks ago. While Nick wasn’t usual WTF-fare, he’s in Marc’s wheelhouse. Well, this just popped up which may help explain a little more about the Maron/Lowe connection; Nick Lowe’s new music video for his song “Sensitive Man” staring Marc and another Earwolf fav, Tim Heidecker. The video showcases Marc’s personality and is super-adorable.

Check out Marc and Tim’s appearances on Earwolf podcasts if you can’t get enough.

This is terrific.

Yes! This is so fucking terrific! I’ve been so in love with Nick’s latest album and this video makes this awesome song even better.

(Source: laughspin.com)